Nail Down your Personal Style with Polish

Do you have a go-to nail polish color you rarely stray from? According to some of the principles of color psychology, your choice could be rooted in personality traits you’re known for and embrace, such as confidence or a calm demeanor.

Or if you like to hop around the color wheel it could have lots to do with the mood you’re in or want to project to everyone you see.

There are more shades than ever to choose from, so the message can be as tailored as you want it to be!


You’re likely to be an extrovert, thriving off energy from and interactions with others. People turn to you to be the “life of the party.”


You’re confident in your needs and wants and aren’t afraid to go after them, whether it comes to your leadership qualities at work or flirtations in your social gatherings.


This is a cheerful color that radiates positive energy and helps to promote creative yet practical ideas. It inspires optimism in those who see it and is embraced for the clarity it brings to thought processes.


This is the color representing nurturing and unconditional love. It usually inspires insight and thoughtfulness, along with hopefulness and comfort.


White reflects purity, innocence and new beginnings. You may have or want to create a calming vibe for yourself and others.


If you’re drawn to this color you may well be responsible and trustworthy, seeking order through organization. You sincerely care about others and living up to your promises.


You’re a lover of nature and are practical and down to earth. You strive for balance in your life and are good at performing under pressure.


If you’re drawn to gold you’re likely embracing life to the fullest and are an active participant in everything you do. You’re outgoing and enjoy sharing your wisdom with others.


You tend to be introspective and have great insight on what is happening, likely drawing on a spiritual side. You readily embrace change and innovation.

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