Make the Most of your Lifestyle

by Linda Hughes, Owner, SugarPine & Lantana Design Studio

When it came time to start developing and planning my new boutique SugarPine last year, I considered what exactly the concept was going to be.

Knowing that my obsession was for design and home furnishings, I couldn’t let go of the idea that I wanted to include the little things that make life enjoyable.

Surrounding yourself with the little things that bring you joy can change an ordinary day to one that seems as if all is right with “your world.”

What makes “your world” joyful is varied and unique. Your lifestyle may include sports, involvement with local clubs, gardening, travel or charitable groups. Whatever it is will be incorporated into your daily routine.

How you make the most of your day can always be improved upon by taking the time to know what works for you and acting on it.

These things no doubt are different for everyone. With so many variables to consider, I went with my personal life experience. I included the following:

Fragrances — A wide selection of all natural and unique fragrances, candles and body products, handmade by a small firm in a neighboring state.

Jewelry — A line found on vacation featuring beautiful hammered, matte gold designs.

Parfum — The loveliest of scents made in small batches.

Loungewear — Soft and cozy and found nowhere else in the county.

Warm weather footwear —All-time favorite that no one else carries surprisingly.

The feeling that “This is perfect, this is me!” needed to be included.

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