Pearls Cut to the Core

Pearls are what they are.

Their smooth, iridescent surfaces hide nothing. People try to project their own images of them as fussy, outdated or existing only to be clutched, but their quiet strength has endured across the centuries to become more powerful than ever.

“Pearlcore” is the latest of the “core-”driven aesthetics to enter the vocabulary, and while it doesn’t sound as all-encompassing as cottagecore or gorpcore, it can go just as far to define your style.

They and their faux stand-ins are literally everywhere — in jewelry and accessories, on sweaters, jeans and boots, even jogging pants. You can use them to define your look whether you’re going dressy or casual.

They’re even sneaking back into the male fashion arena.


While necklaces and bracelets are the most traditional places to put your pearls, they’re much more versatile than you may have thought. They elevate more relaxed outfits without leaving them behind and ground your higher-end ensembles with an earthy yet polished appeal.

Huge crosses, crescents, brooches and every other shape are in demand. Pearl earrings are emerging onto everyone’s lobes, and pearl watches add an elegant vibe to any occasion.


More pearls than ever are adding a flourish to collars, shoulders, sleeves and full shirts and dresses, not to mention the denim jackets and jeans they’ve always synced so well with.

The pearl accents on boots and loafers are just getting bigger and better, and they’re even giving an even more glamorous spin for manicures. They’ve always adorned clutches and bags, and finding one encrusted with them is getting easier and easier.


We knew pearlcore was a thing once searches for “pearls for men” began to trend. ASAP Rocky and Harry Styles have been nudging pearl strands and chains to the front of the trendline over the past couple of years, and their quiet power makes them a perfect match for most dudes.

Classic pearl strands are stunning, but they’re also seen in masculine clasps and industrial designs. Menswear hasn’t succumbed to pearlcore yet, but stay tuned!

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