What Constitutes Beauty in the Landscape?

by Alana Winston, Marketing Manager, ZebraScapes Landscaping

he beauty of your outdoor living space is the product of your creative mind.

It also is the design in which you can relax and enjoy a peace of mind. Beauty in the landscape is about creating unified, ecological landscape designs personalized to your property and aspirations, together with a professional designer.

Maintaining your landscape so that it’s continuously thriving is the goal. Landscaping professionals can facilitate customizable and essential services to fit your specific landscape, lifestyle and needs.

Landscape structures provide function and beauty to any outdoor space.


There are so many wonderful times to plant throughout the year. If living in or near the native areas around Prescott, be mindful of the wildlife. Some are gracious enough to visit your property consuming your potted beauties.

Evergreen trees and shrubs require minimal maintenance yet provide greenery to any landscape. Low-growing, waterwise perennials, scarcely or rapidly-growing annuals, wildflowers and grasses are other essential beauty elements used in landscaping.

Colorful touches can include achilleas. These plants are known as yarrow and are fine-leaved with large sections of small flowers in white, yellow, and occasionally, various reddish and pinkish hues.

Russian sage adds modest pops of purple while Moonshine Snake Plant contains a gray foliage. Autumn sage contains beautiful shades of red, purple, pink and violet. These plants appear from late summer to fall attracting hummingbirds and butterflies.

Pampas grass enhances fullness with a flower that blooms from the top, which enhances the plant’s beauty. Another water-wise implementation is the Butterfly Bush/shrub. This is one of Prescott gardens’ most colorful pieces.

There are an abundance of ways to bring in more natural beauty to any outdoor oasis!

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