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Bring your Fashion Sense Home

If you want your home to feel more inviting and appealing to you when you come home at night, perhaps the only interior design inspiration you need is your closet.

Your current selection of furniture and décor may have been inherited, accumulated over decades or inspired by a trend from a few years back that never truly jibed with your own tastes. To discover what you will find the most welcoming in your home, take a look at your clothes and accessories.

It’s a good bet that the style you choose to present yourself in will also be the one you’d like to come home to.


You gravitate to slim silhouettes, crisp whites and blacks with soft tans and browns and gold, silver and pearl jewelry. You’re always looking for novel garments and accessories to bring into your collection without taking you outside of your comfort zone.

You probably are a bit of a minimalist and appreciate design schemes emphasizing straight lines, solid colors and strategically placed statement pieces.


You love cozy sweaters, your favorite jeans and wearing your grandparents’ heirlooms, no matter what’s supposed to be trendy. Botanical prints, beachy casuals and natural fabrics are magnetic for you.

You’re the person farmhouse style was created for, and the one who’d most benefit from shopping for vintage and antique beauties that aren’t going to get snarled in the supply chain.


You love soft, flowy dresses and pants in lots of different hues and prints. Your jewelry, bags and shoes come from all over the world, picked up through your travels and purchased as imports from your favorite funky boutique.

Your best home reflects that with bold color, fun juxtapositions of prints with solids and adventurous furnishings that tell a story, either yours or the world’s — or a bit of both.


You have a flair for drama that shows up in your avant-garde choices in fashion and accessories. Your clothes may be more sculptural and less functional, and even your T-shirts stand out from the pack, both in cut and texture.

At home you’re not as concerned with basic, everyday pieces and go for objects that stand out, like starburst lamps and chandeliers, kooky ceramic figures and sofas and chairs with geometric patterns.


You’re an athlete and/or love sporty fashions like spiffy tracksuits, trail runners, tennis shorts and skirts and team logo gear. Your favorite accessories are your fitness tracker and your visor, along with practical jewelry built to survive your hikes, runs and competitive games.

You’re likely to appreciate functional furniture with aerodynamic lines and lots of energizing pops of color.

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