Polish your Body to a Fine Sheen

One of the most luscious skin treatments available, body polishes exfoliate the top layer of dead cells while infusing you with nourishing, moisturizing ingredients. The invigorating sensation of the natural abrasives used in the process also spur the growth of new cells.

And it all feels really good.

This can be a standalone process or a precursor for additional treatments, including mud or seaweed wraps, because they unclog your pores and open them to receive other nourishing ingredients. Their high oil content distinguishes them from body scrubs, for which the main purpose is cleansing the skin rather than moisturizing it.

Body polishes can be done at the spa, with the benefit of being pampered by those with expertise in the field, or at home, where you take an active role in your self-care and customize the ingredients to what you know works for you.

The steps are essentially the same.


Your treatment will begin with the therapist using a steamer on different sections of your skin to open up your pores. At home you will take a lukewarm shower.


You or your therapist will massage a warm oil all over your body, typically olive or coconut to drench your body in smooth hydration.


This is the main event; rub the exfoliant cream in circular motions over sections of your skin with a loofah until all has been treated. The body polish typically consists of either coconut, olive or jojoba oil and a finely ground natural substance such as sugar or oatmeal (best for sensitive skin), salt (better for dry or flaky skin), nut or fruit shells, coffee grounds or baking soda (particularly effective for acne).


This can be done in a warm bath or shower or sometimes on the massage table in a spa. Do not use soap now or for about a day afterward.


Your body is slathered with hydrating lotion to seal in moisture and extend the results of the polish. These treatments usually are done monthly, though gentler exfoliants can be used more often.

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