All Hands on Deck Deepens Massage Relaxation

Remember that old saying, “Two hands are better than one?” When it comes to massage, four hands are better than two. If you are brave, you can even modify that to six or eight hands.

A four-hands massage is just what it sounds like — two people massaging one person at once. But don’t think of it as two disjointed pairs of hands massaging you. Think of it as a soothing, synchronized dance of hands over your body, leading to a more relaxed and successful massage.

A four-hands massage is like experiencing two full body massages at the same time. Good massage therapists use the client’s body as a canvas onto which they choreograph slow, detailed moves of varying paces and pressures.

They apply the same pressure and pace on both sides of the body (left and right) to increase the level of muscle relaxation and benefits.

This unique type of massage therapy puts your entire body and mind into a deeper state of relaxation. Because your brain can’t keep track of the synchronized movements, you stop thinking and focus on the sensations, which fully immerses you in the experience.

The eight-hands massage has been described as a massage of pure bliss. With four massage therapists, the synchronization is vital to allow the client to let go and luxuriate in the experience.

With four- six- or eight-hands massage, you may find yourself falling asleep more quickly. But don’t worry, it’s acceptable and encouraged.

Numerous studies show massage can lower blood pressure. Just make sure that, like any massage, you direct the therapist(s) away from anything painful and give direction on the amount of pressure you would like.

Be honest and point out if you are cold, ticklish or have problem areas.

With any massage, but especially after a multiple-hands massage, drink plenty of water afterward. Because you’re moving blood and toxins stored in the body, it’s important to flush your system as soon as your session wraps up.

The cost of a multiple-hands massage is substantially higher because you are paying multiple people. Of course, you are also getting multiple benefits. But be warned, most people who experience a multiple-hands massage find it difficult to go back to a single massage therapist.

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