Choosing the Right Front Door

Your front entry door is the first thing people see when they walk up to your house. And not only does your door need to make a great first impression, but it must also withstand wind, rain, the Arizona sun and would-be intruders.

That’s a tall order for one door.

While most homeowners inherit the front door when they buy a home, investing in a new door may be just the upgrade your home needs. You’ll want to choose a door that fits with your personality and style yet stays within the design of the home.

When looking at doors, take note of the energy efficiency ratings and choose one that works with your environment and climate. It is important to make a statement with your door but make one that fits within the proportion and style of your home.

Don’t go overboard; take your time when deciding. There are a lot of options out there.

Flat panel

Flat, solid wooden doors have a simple appearance. These minimalistic doors work well with modern architecture.

These can be painted for a pop of color in orange or blue, or kept natural for a classic modern look.

Consider the hardware since the door will have little detail. These doors also can have a small sidelight of glass to add interest. A solid flat panel door can add to the historic authenticity of a home.

Contemporary wood panel

Horizontal panels have a contemporary look that can complement modern homes.

A contemporary wood-paneled door can work with wood-paneled homes. You can also add a glass inserts as an alternative to solid wood panels.

Alternating frosted glass and wood panels are quite popular with modern homes right now. As with all wood doors, they bring maintenance requirements because wood can deteriorate over time and the sun may cause discoloration.

Make sure the door is sealed and maintained; consider whether it gets direct sunlight or is under cover at all times.

Glass door

Another modern design is a glass door — they work well with simple architecture. If you’re worried about privacy, consider frosted glass.

A distinct advantage of one of these doors is the amount of natural light it allows in. Consider what direction the house is facing and how much sunlight will be on the door.

Another consideration for a glass-front door is keeping it clean since it will require more upkeep than a traditional wood door.

Glass panel

Panels of glass can provide more privacy than a full glass door while still introducing natural light. Plain glass will give you less privacy than beveled or frosted.

Think about how visible your front door is to passersby if this is a concern.

Double front door

A double front door can look imposing and may be more practical because it is much wider than a typical door.

Double entryway doors can be more traditional and also let in more light, depending on the design.

Just make sure if you are looking at double front doors that the proportion is right for the home’s overall external façade.

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