Decks & Patios Offer Luxurious Outdoor Living

by Gillian Haley, Vice President & Co-Owner, Haley Construction Company

If you have a Northern Arizona home you’re probably going to want to spend a considerable amount of your time outside on your property, and most houses have some type of extension into the backyard to facilitate this.

The most common choices are patios and decks, and each has its own advantages depending on your property, lifestyle and budget.


Most decks are wood or wood composite platforms attached to the house. Many are built at the same level as the back door to provide a seamless and accessible transition to the outdoors.

Others are raised higher to provide more expansive views of the surrounding landscape and mountains. They are the best option when your backyard terrain is sloping or uneven because they can provide a level surface.

Most decks do not have roofs, providing an unimpeded view of the night sky. Since they’re built above the ground they must be properly engineered to hold heavier furniture, grills and larger groups of people if that’s how you intend to use it. Some amenities like a hot tub may not be doable.

Decks are costlier to build and require maintenance to maintain their integrity, but the investment does pay off as decks add more to a home’s value.


Patios are concrete, brick or stone slabs laid directly over the ground, usually against the rear wall of a home. They’re more likely to be covered by a roof made of the same material as what’s over the house for better protection against climate conditions.

Patios provide more privacy and noise reduction, but the view may not be as impressive. They sit at the same level as the backyard, blending with the landscape and bringing people closer to nature.

They’re less expensive and labor-intensive to build and require considerably less maintenance, though they can still be vulnerable to cracks and water damage.

Because they are on top of the ground, there are generally no limitations for adding hot tubs, fireplaces, outdoor kitchens and other heavy-duty luxuries.

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