Decorating with Neutrals

If you want to look classic and stylish, dressing in neutrals is always a winner. And if you’re looking to have a sophisticated home, try taking those neutrals into your design elements.

Using neutral tones in your home is a stylish way to create a look that channels understated chic. And you don’t need wild splashes of color or bold prints to add interest into a space with muted tones — sometimes, less is more.

While decorating with neutrals, add texture as much as possible to create interest because you are not using bold colors. Consider metallics like brass, copper or bronze and use natural wood elements alongside velvet and chunky knits as well as faux fur.

Consider wire, ceramic, leather and stone accessories to add more texture while retaining the natural materials and neutral tones.

Keep your prints as simple and unfussy as you can, and instead of using popular trendy patterns, stick with classic simple designs that will endure.

If you need to, find a statement pattern to use throughout the room and/or entire house. For example, a room full of neutral tones and muted colors with a tiger-print pillow would be in keeping with the copper/neutral tones but set a wow factor.

Remember that neutrals don’t have to be boring, let them shine with a tonal color palette. Choose shades of taupe and mix in chocolate browns and grays for a cultured take on a natural palette. A touch of black is grounding, adds depth and draws the eye, making it a game changer in a neutral room.

If your colors are mainly in a neutral tone, that doesn’t mean all the shapes in the room have to be “neutral.” Consider mixing up the shapes in the room to add visual appeal with a live-edge coffee table, a funky armchair or a special grouping of side tables.

Don’t be afraid of neutrals. They can be your friends and you can take them out of the boring friendzone and into the elegant, classic must-have zone with a bit of planning and creativity.

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