Detangle Your Jewelry

Organizing your jewelry and watches not only saves space, but it saves time.

This applies to men and women: If you’re spending too much time looking for items or untangling a mess, it’s time to get organized.

Take inventory

Gather everything and categorize by type and/or occasion. For instance, rings, watches and cufflinks, or everyday wear, nights out and special occasions. Then decide what to keep. Toss out or repurpose mismatched earrings and clean or repair items. Sell or donate, share with family or reset outdated items.

Park everyday items

Tossing your everyday items on a nightstand or table may be easy, but this can lead to tangled necklaces or lost items.

Instead, place a velvet-lined box or pretty dish on your nightstand or bathroom counter and use it. If you have a jewelry drawer, choose a spot for items you wear often rather than storing them every night.

Invest in a quality jewelry box

Specialty jewelry boxes are made to be dust free and safe. Be sure whatever you choose is lined in a soft material to avoid damage.

Store your jewelry box in a convenient place for everyday use and be sure it is large enough for all your items to avoid overcrowding.


Consider storing earrings, cufflinks, rings and watches separately.

Find drawer inserts and store items in compartments or individual containers. Store watches in specialty boxes to stack, keep them dust free and allow easy viewing.

Hang it up

Consider hanging necklaces on the wall or on a necklace tree to keep them from getting tangled. This also frees up counter and drawer space.

Store diamonds separately

Diamonds can scratch other materials and should be stored alone. Gemstone jewelry should not be piled in a drawer, but neatly placed in a tray or even their own box or bag.

Climate control

Depending on where you are and what jewels you own, choose a location that maintains the right consistent humidity to help prevent tarnishing and discoloration.

Opals and cameos may need more moisture in the air to prevent cracking and crazing.

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