Jade Rollers Offer a Gentle Facial Massage

Jade rollers have exploded onto the beauty scene and you have either seen or at least heard of them.

On Instagram, #jaderoller more than 230,000 posts demonstrating how to use them, where to find them and why so many celebs swear by them.

And if you don’t have one already, you’re probably wondering if the jade roller is just another fad or if it really works.

At first glance, the jade roller looks a bit like a tiny paint roller and is about the size of a disposable razor. Where the blade would be, there is a smooth oblong tube made of crystal or stone.

These are meant to roll over the skin of the face smoothly to distribute moisturizer, massage and soothe skin. Some have a small roller on one side for under-eye massage and hard-to-reach areas.

The tool itself dates back to seventh-century China.

Dermatologists recommend jade rollers for facial massage, which improves circulation and lymphatic drainage, leading to a more glowing complexion and less puffiness.

Gentle facial massage, when done correctly, is known to help calm the mind and improve headaches, TMJ pain, sinus congestion, eye strain and under-eye puffiness.

Another benefit may be the cost savings. Weekly or daily facial massages would set you back a lot more than a jade roller. It’s a lot more convenient to boot, since you can do it in your home without even changing out of your PJs.

Those with eczema and rosacea like the coolness of the roller and the difference in redness after consistent use for more than three months.

The key to getting the depuffing, glow-enriching benefits is using one correctly.

The goal is to push the fluid in your skin cells toward your lymph nodes. Start at the center of your chin, rolling out and up toward your ear. Then move the roller up to the side of your mouth and repeat.

Repeat again, starting this time at the side of the nose. Roll it under your eye, moving it horizontally toward your temple, and repeat it on your eyelid. On your forehead, roll it up from your brow to your hairline. Then roll it horizontally out toward your temple. Finally, repeat on the other side of your face.

Although the crystal looks pretty, the main benefit there is the coolness of the stone. Some people keep it in the fridge for optimum cooling.

The cold restricts blood flow to a particular area and pressure pushes fluid to the lymph nodes, which process and filter out toxins. That can make your face look more contoured and give your skin that desirable glow. At the very least, a facial massage is always a welcome treat.

Jade rollers run from $9 to $500. Most are a crystal and not authentic jade, which is precious right now. Some may even be plastic, so do your research.

Another option is a stainless-steel roller, which is just as smooth but stays cold longer, is nonporous and easier to clean and sanitize. Either way, the results are the same.

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