Murano Glass Adds Elegance

The art and magic of glass-blowing has developed and thrived over nearly 1,000 years on the Italian island of Murano, just a mile away from Venice.

It exports a staggering variety of decorative objects from tiny animal figurines to chandeliers in both classical and abstract styles that fit into any style of interior design.

What they all have in common is exquisite craftmanship, astonishing detail, vivid color and the capture of light that animates them into eye-catching accessories, making any room delightful and memorable.

This glass has inspired the work of Dale Chihuly and other glass masters, but nothing has quite the same quality as the artistic objects of Murano.


Perhaps the best-known and most-imitated Murano product, glass vases take on every shape imaginable from bowls to cylinders with dramatically flared rims. They come in every color and color combination on the spectrum so it’s easy to find one that will complement or accent any space.

They’re often so impressive on their own that no bouquet of flowers could ever measure up, but you can find Murano-made stemmed glass flowers.


Diving dolphins, brilliant birds, majestic horses and embracing couples fashioned with entrancing detail are just a few of the figures you’ll find from purveyors of authentic Murano glass, not to mention a host of abstract and modern shapes including ribbons of color and hands fashioned into a peace sign.

These mostly will be tabletop displays, but don’t overlook the wonderful holiday ornaments.


Murano-blown glasses and plates instantly amplify the luxurious ambiance of any family meal or dinner party. With their functional purpose they don’t always contain the level of detail you’ll find in other objects, but their color and sparkle will certainly brighten any occasion.

You’ll find plates, bowls, pitchers, centerpiece bowls, tumblers, wine and cordial glasses and almost any other form of drinkware.


Beads, once used as currency, can be worn on necklaces, bracelets and earrings, along with other delicate pendants like hearts and water droplets. Little jewelry dishes and photo frames can liven up your home.


Nothing makes a statement, though, like a Murano glass chandelier that’s as beautiful unlit as it is lit.

You can choose a classic form with candle-style lights or colorful shades, one dripping with crystals or another consisting of one show-stopping orb.

Others qualify as aerial sculpture drawing everyone’s eyes and thoughts skyward.

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