Pick an Architectural Style Befitting the Wonders of Northern Arizona

Building a luxury custom home is a widely held dream, and the reality is even better. But there are a lot of decisions to make along the way.

The architectural style you choose will affect the footprints and floor plans available. You want a home that simultaneously makes you feel proud and welcomed, as well as one in harmony with Northern Arizona’s stunning landscape.

Many architectural styles can fill this niche beautifully, and here are a just a few of them.

Mountain Modern

Live with the outside in and inside out in a home with picture windows and lots of routes to get to the yard. Contemporary elements abound in the flatter roof profiles and clean lines throughout the rest of the exterior, and these homes can have one or more stories.

They incorporate varied textures for visual interest — and as many materials as possible are locally sourced to solidify the home’s connection to the environment. The color palette is kept neutral, allowing the natural beauty of its contemporary and rustic features to shine through.


These designs have flourished in recent years because they offer simple, sturdy, versatile profiles that can house a variety of configurations. Most have clapboard or similar siding with white or gray paint.

Pitched rooflines and large porches link these homes to a simpler time while using modern advances in construction techniques.

The term “farmhouse” may evoke images of a simple, hard-working life, but in practice farmhouses can easily take on a luxurious feel through roomy footprints and copious windows, adding a touch of grandeur to the simplicity.


Drawing inspiration from the Old West frontier, these sprawling single-story homes cover a lot of ground and a layout that fosters family togetherness while allowing for privacy as well.

A rectangular or L-shaped footprint gives easy access to the front and rear yards and suffuse the interior with natural light.

Ranch houses have some similarities to farmhouse architecture but often use more varied materials like stone and metal. They usually are painted in a darker palette.

Log and timber homes

Embrace forest living with a charming yet modern log or timber frame home that lets you feel like you’re on vacation every day of the year. These structures exude old-fashioned coziness that draw visitors in while being in harmony with the surroundings.

Log homes are more easily identifiable with classic exterior log walls while timber frame homes are built over a wooden skeleton and may or may not be “woodsy” on the outside — both styles hinge on premium craftsmanship.

Pueblo revival

Inspired by the functional adobe homes and communities first built by Pueblo Indians around the year 1000, these designs are perfect for high desert communities with their thick walls and flat roofs rising prominently yet in harmony with the landscape.

They have a strong connection to their environment and those who lived there centuries before.

Exteriors usually include wooden beams, and these homes sometimes have tile roofs.

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