Sustainable Landscaping Benefits Individual & Community

by Chris Darnell, ZebraScapes Landscaping

Sustainable landscaping is the consideration of the local environment in all landscaping effort. As a homeowner cares for the trees in their landscape, they also care for the local environment.

Trees are both an essential part of any luxury landscape and the supply of oxygen to human beings everywhere. It is rare to see such a convenient crossover between altruistic action and personal gain, but the installation and maintenance of trees fits the bill.

Tree care is often overlooked, but there are a few services that need to be considered and performed by a professional. Healthy, mature trees are proven to increase property value, which can be helpful when it comes time to sell.

First things first, all large plant material must be routinely trimmed. Also referred to as pruning, this process removes decaying foliage to make room for healthy growth. This also allows the tree to be trimmed into a uniform shape, which will promote a luxury landscape.

Paying attention to soil biology is a necessity, as well, to fertilize trees with the right nutrients. These nutrients promote healthy growth, deep root development and enhance the processes that trees use to sustain the environment.

While this covers maintenance, newly established trees need a couple things to get going.

Investing in the installation of trees is a long-term investment in both property value and sustainability. As they begin to grow they will need to be watered, varying by the specific variety. Additionally, routine inspections of the tree as it grows to maturity is needed to make sure any diseases or disorders are caught early and taken care of with the right treatment.

Using a professional is always a best practice when it comes to tree care, especially one that is an International Society of Arboriculture certified arborist.

Not only will this maximize the benefit of care to a particular property, but the whole community. When they are not converting carbon dioxide into oxygen, trees are acting as a home to local wildlife. Their root systems keep soil in place, which keeps everything else around intact.

For an increase in privacy that screams luxury, and skyrocketing property value that correlates to a personal sustainment of the local environment, look no further than tree installation.

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