Take the Angst Out of Choosing Paint Colors

One of the most agonizing choices when decorating is paint colors.

If you are an all-my-walls-are-white person, lucky you. But for most, even choosing a shade of white can be agonizing. If you’re trying to choose a paint color, here are a few things to consider:

Check out your closet

Yes, you heard it right. If you are undecided, peek in your closet for colors that bring you joy. Is it full of neutrals with a few pops of color, or a wild bright style? Consider this when choosing your wall and furniture shades, these are the colors that define your taste.

Paint a large test swatch

Don’t rely on tiny paint samples, throw that right on a wall. Colors look different in larger sections, so paint a 2-foot square or larger.

Don’t be afraid of color

Choosing a bold jewel-toned color for one accent wall may be just the thing that room needs to make it sing. Don’t be afraid to paint outside the white/tan parameters and add a bit of flair.

Take your time

Don’t make a quick decision. Keep samples up for a few days to see them in diverse lighting. Colors look different in morning, afternoon and sunny or overcast days.

Consider your furnishings

Paint a swatch behind your sofa or paint a large piece of foam core and move it behind or next to things. Don’t forget art and woodwork.

Consider the undertone

Some colors, especially white, can contain a hint of yellow or blue. Think how these undertones might draw out similar tones in your decor.

Choose the right finish

You decided on color, now choose the finish. Usually, the higher the sheen the more durable and easy-to-clean. High gloss shows dirt so select an eggshell or satin for most interior walls and semi-gloss for trim and baseboards.

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