Prescott Window Coverings - Photo Credit Hunter Douglas (1200 × 630 px)

Warm your Home with Wood Blinds

Photo by Hunter Douglas

by Tom Binkley, Owner, Prescott Window Coverings

The variety of window treatments homeowners have to choose from can be dizzying, with each type extending its own qualities and benefits to your interior décor. While drapes and curtains add a classic touch of elegance to any room, wooden blinds have the structure and texture to really warm up your home, literally and figuratively. Made from either hardwood or vinyl and other materials simulating a wood grain they offer beauty and enhanced control over light and heat. 

SAVE ENERGY When closed, wooden blinds can act as powerful insulation to retain heat in the winter while blocking it out during the warmer months. Those with 2-inch or 2.5-inch slats will provide a little more help in that area, but they may look out of proportion on smaller windows where 1-inch slats will also act as a barrier to heat entering or escaping. Depending on their composition, faux-wood blinds may be more effective at retaining heat. 

ENHANCE COMFORT Wooden blinds can be painted in any color you choose and can be paired with any interior color scheme, but it’s hard to top the timeless beauty of letting the wood grain take center stage. It will immediately give the room an approachable and homey vibe, as well as a degree of sophistication. Faux wood versions can in some cases be virtually indistinguishable from their hardwood brethren, but hardwood blinds lend a radiant, natural quality that make them well worth the additional care they may require to stay at their peak. 

SET YOUR STYLE Wooden blinds ground your room on the solid foundation of nature while pairing well with any style of furniture and décor. Whether they’re painted or just finished they add a tasteful touch of luxury to any space while allowing superior lighting control and protection for you and your family.

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