You Might Just Need a House Manager

The garage roof is leaking, the kids need new laptops for school, your car needs to be inspected and registered, the stove isn’t working and the house cleaners are slacking but you have no time to talk to them.

If you find yourself pulled in multiple directions while trying to keep your home running smoothly, it may be time to hire a house manager.

Imagine if you had someone who could take care of all these commitments, giving you more time to spend with your family and actually relax.

House managers are typically responsible for the rest of the staff in your home, including housekeepers, gardeners and nannies. Their responsibilities can overlap with a personal assistant by dealing with vendors, property maintenance and chefs or catering as well as coordinating grocery shopping, travel plans or picking up dry cleaning.

It’s not just the ultra-rich who employ house managers. Single-parent families and busy couples are finding it helpful to have another set of hands to help manage a household.

Along with managing the daily upkeep, house managers handle staff schedules, training housekeeping staff and keeping an updated household manual. Think of your house manager as a manager for your business who can deal with staff misunderstandings, absences, hiring and firing.

Dinner parties become much less stressful now that the house manager is handling most of it. They will handle outside vendors, flowers, wine and more. For decorating, your house manager can deal with the interior designer, heading off problems before you need to worry.

You may choose to have your manager live in-house, making room and board a part of the salary. If you do, be sure they have been vetted and background checked by the agency you used. It may be to your advantage to have someone available and handy.

Finding the right house manager may take a bit of interviewing.

This person will be coordinating your home and exposed to your business and personal life. Some estate managers will take control of the budget and spending. You will need someone with excellent management and interpersonal skills to interact with staff and family members.

Some estate/house managers will oversee several properties for a client, coordinating staff for vacation homes, boats, planes and more. This type of estate manager can oversee the staff as well as larger projects and events.

Good house and estate managers are in high demand right now, according to the Estate Manager Coalition, which is driving up salaries. Bonuses and travel are just some of the perks of the job.

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