Accessories Perk Up Your Wardrobe

by Michelle Beck, Owner, Purple Clover Boutique

Getting tired of wearing the same pieces from your closet? For a simple, less expensive fix, try changing your accessories instead.

Wardrobe essentials are essential for a reason — they are supposed to last for a long time. That is why they are called essentials and are worth investing in. Some of these most reliable staples are also some of the most basic: a great pair of jeans and a white T-shirt for example.

Consider changing things up with the help of a few key accessories.

Add a Scarf

A silk scarf never goes out of style and can be used in many different ways. You can tie a scarf around your neck or around your wrist or put it through the strap of your handbag. A scarf can be used as a belt or simply tied at your waist over a dress.

Larger scarves can be worn over your shoulders, and depending on the season or climate, can take the place of a coat.

Consider a Statement Necklace

The entire look of your outfit can change depending on your choice of a necklace and earrings. A bold necklace with a single large stone or a thick gold chain instantly transforms the basic white T-shirt or “Little Black Dress” into something special.

Chokers are especially popular right now and can be found at many price points.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of a Belt!

Classic leather belts are available with many different types of buckles. Materials range from silver, gold, brass or aluminum — popular now is the embroidered belt. The colors, details and craftsmanship can make this type of belt a true showstopper!

Change your Handbag

All of us have our favorite handbag and use it again and again, but consider a different style for a completely different look!

The “belt bag” is making a comeback. Once known as the fanny pack, this hands-free style is back and is actually very fashionable.

Made out of leather or high-quality faux leather, this bag can be worn around your waist and is extremely practical. A cross-body style also is friendly to your shoulders and sometimes comes with a detachable strap. Now you have a handle bag and a cross-body style all in one!

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