Add Elegance to your Home with These Decorating Tips

Updating the look of your home without making too many drastic changes is not as difficult as it sounds.

With just a few small adjustments, your traditional room can get a modern touch, and a luxury living room can gain a soft comforting feel by changing a few lights, walls or furniture.

Here are a few quick tips you can execute to change up your room quickly.

Living Room

Adding a statement light fixture is a worthy investment. For a high-ceilinged living room, choose an eye-catching, modern chandelier to create a focal point and change the mood of the room.

Switching out your current table lamps to work with the new chandelier will immediately give a different feel to the room.

Another option for a fresh look is to replace your coffee table with a metallic or glass table. Choose a low, clean-lined table to give a modern feel to the room.

If you have a fireplace, consider painting it for an updated look. If that’s not possible, just replacing the mantle with either natural wood or painted a contrasting color can quickly transform the room.

Dining Room

Your first choice could be the chandelier for a quick and obvious change. But consider changing the buffet to a long floating, modern piece if possible. This provides more space for entertaining and a new and modernized look.

Rather than exchanging the dining table, update and refresh your dining chairs for an easier change. You can choose different styles and colors for a modern, mixed look or update with clean natural wood.

For a less-drastic option, reupholster your old, worn-out dining chairs. Choose a material that can stand up to the wear and tear, and you may even want to have contrasting patterns rather than a uniform look.

You also can add a bench to one side for more seating and a modern look, either upholstered to match the new chairs or natural wood. This does not have to match the table as it can stand out for a distinct look.

If your dining room is spacious enough, install a wall mural with perhaps a nature theme or something more dramatic, immediately transforming the room.

In both dining and living rooms, changing out artwork for an ornate or even a simple, modern mirror can give the room a completely different feel. Along with making the room feel larger, it can simplify the look and add the feeling of more light in the room.

Choose a large mirror that can become a focal point in the room.

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