Art In Your Home Should Speak To You and For You

by Valerie Demetros

Art has the power to uplift moods and change the spirit of a room. From art prints to digital art, contemporary sculpture to photography, art can complement and highlight the aesthetic of your home.

Today, we know even more about the science behind art. Studies show that viewing art reduces depression and anxiety while increasing feelings of love and empathy. Sounds like a win-win.

It can also be a potential investment.

If you’re not sure why and how to put art in your home, you are not alone. But when you love something enough to place it in your home, that speaks volumes. It can add personality to a room and if a piece of art speaks to you, there is a reason.

For many people, a piece of art facilitates an emotional connection. There is a reason you chose one painting over another. And if it makes you feel good, then it works.

Of course, art can become a major design element in your home. With a large open space, the possibilities are endless.

Many people feel intimidated with the task of choosing art, whether it’s sculpture, glasswork, metalwork, paintings and more. But it doesn’t need to be a chore. Having a work of art in your home encourages you to take risks, but it should also be comforting.

If you’re looking to add art to your home, visit as many galleries as possible to get a feel for what you like. Talk to gallery owners and artists about your needs and tastes. Most gallery owners can help you find art that fits into your home and lifestyle.

In most cases, you will be able to take it home and live with it before committing. Make sure it fits, check it out in different lighting and make sure you love it.

Museums can also help you decide what you like. Although you may not be able to buy the art, you will get an idea of what appeals to you.

You can then take your search to galleries and artists with the aesthetic you have found. And don’t overlook local artists. Supporting local artists is a great way to find unique and beautiful art.

From a design standpoint, art acts as a focal point, makes a room appear finished and immediately shows off your style. By choosing to live with art, you are choosing to bring more life into your home.

Finally, follow your instincts.

Art is a personal choice and anything you choose will now be a part of your daily life. Go with your gut and choose only what you like. Don’t be intimidated. And don’t let anyone tell you what you like, to only buy what is popular or to buy solely for investment purposes.

Don’t buy something just because it matches your couch or fits the space. If it doesn’t speak to you, don’t purchase it.

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