Design Preferences Are Clues to Personality

When we decorate our homes we’re clearly trying to make them stylish and functional, but the top priority, whether we realize it or not, is to make ourselves comfortable.

Our choices reflect our personalities and the type of environment one prefers to be in. The design styles we gravitate to give certain hints about who we are to ourselves and others, and it’s fun to scan other people’s home interiors for tip-offs to whether their public and private selves match.


Well-maintained straight-line sofas, high-backed chairs, walnut stains and some flourishes in carvings and molding all point to a household run by people who embrace time-tested values like hard work and loyalty and tend to steer clear of fads.

They may not be the ones you turn to for advice about the latest smartphones, but you can depend on them to honor their commitments and be there for you when you’re in a jam.


These people have much in common with those who cherish traditional styles but favor furnishings that look like they’ve been around for a while, either because they have been or are made of reclaimed or distressed wood, shabby-chic upholstery and dried flowers and plants.

They also value time-tested ethics but tend to embrace a more casual look and feel to life, reflected in more relaxed shapes and ensuring all guests feel welcome and comfortable.

Midcentury Modern

If you’re all about clean lines, low profiles and carefully curated accessories, you’re probably already aware of your predilection for Space Age style. Despite preferring these throwback designs these are forward-thinking people, ready to explore new frontiers and bring their most important lessons back home.

They are self-reliant with a creative and adventurous spirit and value both form and function, knowing they usually merge effortlessly.


This aesthetic is less defined than most others but generally integrates a funky, global style with natural materials and textures like rattan and macrame.

Its followers’ lifestyle may be unconventional but their tastes definitely are, with eclecticism coming to them as naturally as breathing. They’re free-spirited and embrace everything life has to offer while inviting everyone they can along for the ride.


Those who embrace this style crave high ceilings, open floorplans, exposed brick and ductwork, furniture made of the strongest metals and wood and statement pendant lights. They appreciate indestructible products and are willing and able to pay the price they command.

These people are practical, not flashy, but never fail to impress with their understated artistic flair and commitment to quality.


This is about sleek, shimmering surfaces combined with sophisticated, super-plush furniture and rugs and dramatic lighting to create an ageless Hollywood look. Anyone who chooses this style is likely to be an entertainer on some level, especially by inviting their friends over for opulent parties large and small that spare no expense.

They value the finer things in life, and some of their happiest moments come from sharing them with those they love.

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