Indoor Plant Trends, Bringing the Outdoors In

There is nothing more satisfying than creating an oasis at home where people feel welcome and you are at peace and comfortable.

For many, this includes bringing the outdoors in with plants and flowers. And especially during the pandemic when everyone spent more and more time at home, creating that space took on a new meaning.

If you’re switching up the plants at home and want to try something new and interesting, let’s look at what’s trending right now.

Seek Color

Although low-maintenance plants are always appealing, consider begonias and geraniums, which thrive inside.

For a treat, find a Polka Dot begonia (Begonia Maculata). Native to Brazil, it grows on a cane-like stem with emerald green leaves covered in silver dots. The leaf back is red and flowers with groups of white blooms.

Although it thrives with humidity, with just a bit of extra TLC you can keep it looking beautiful..

Think Tropics

Tropical plants, such as Monstera have long been a staple for statement-making interiors. Due to their low maintenance and ornamental qualities, they make a great indoor plant.

Thriving in most indoor environments because they tolerate low light, they grow even faster and bigger in bright indirect sunlight.

Create a Look

Group your potted plants in sets of two or three in varying heights for a sculptural look.

For a minimalist look, opt for greenery, mixing varieties of one plant such as eucalyptus.

If you want to make a statement, choose an accent color in the room and pick flowers to match like roses or peonies in the same color.

Have Some Fun

For a bit of whimsy, go unconventional. The Sweetheart plant (Hoya Kerrii) is a heart-shaped vining succulent. It is low-maintenance and likes to dry out completely between waterings.

Although tricky to find, look at boutique plant shops or Etsy.

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