Landscape Counts When It Comes To Luxury Living

by Chris Darnell, ZebraScapes Landscaping

Whether it be a commercial property where profit drives management or a quiet residential landscape, keeping up with trends is essential. Diminishing marginal utility is real, and the longer the same old landscape enhancements are there, the less appealing the property becomes.

This quality is actually what sets apart average landscapes from luxury landscapes. Here are six trends to upgrade your landscapes.

Landscape sustainability

Concern for the environment is all the rage. This is not without reason, and keeping just a couple things in mind can make the difference. Using native plant material accustomed to the area reduces resource use, and maintenance needs. Search for these native varieties in flowers, shrubs and even trees.

Outdoor common areas

If the COVID-19 pandemic taught the world anything, it is the value of outdoor space. Rather than trying to pack everyone inside, the trendiest properties bring the inside, outside. Large patios with kitchenettes, fire pits or even accenting plant material are trendy amenities.

Decorative rock

Almost always a trend in Arizona, 2023 will be no different. Not only does decorative rock offer a plethora of creative options when it comes to size, shape and color, it can replace mulch or just line walkways. It is such a versatile addition to any landscape.

Outdoor lighting

Why not let your luxury landscape shine at night? The current trend is that every such landscape should possess some form of outdoor lighting. It will illuminate the investment into later hours, allowing both the owner and passerby to enjoy the view.

Artificial turf

In the vein of landscape sustainability, replacing natural turf with artificial turf can be a great move to lower maintenance. Arizona can often experience drought conditions or be faced with rampant lawn disease. Rather than live with the fluctuation in lawn health, installation of artificial turf keeps quality consistently peaked.

Working with a landscape designer

The real luxury landscaping trend of 2023 is working with a landscape designer. There is nothing better than a professional custom tailoring a landscape to the needs of the property owner. To best integrate all of the best luxury landscaping trends into a property, a professional can consider all of the right variables.

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