Let Imagination Rule Playroom Design

There are many upsides to having a designated playroom for your children.

It encourages siblings to play, learn and share together. It helps to organize toys while keeping the disorganization that usually accompanies them confined to one space. It keeps clutter and distraction out of their bedrooms, which should be reserved for sleeping.

All practicalities aside, playrooms are just fun, both to put together and to use!

Embrace your creativity (and that of your kids) to design a cheerful, vibrant area for all kinds of unstructured activities that will be the building blocks for their adult selves — but don’t tell them, just let them have a blast!

Secret entrance — This may not be practical for all scenarios but think about how much fun your kids could have just by going into their playroom. A bookcase, bench, trap door or camouflaged ladder to a loft or attic are all splendid.

You can add a small door just big enough for them to walk or crawl through, though you’ll probably want another option for yourself!

Get them into the swing — Incorporate physical play equipment wherever you can. Hang a swing from the ceiling, snake climbing bars and rock wall footholds along the walls and install hanging rings to build up little biceps!

We bet you can even fit a slide into the floorplan!

They’d probably rather go outside for this but giving them another option when it’s too cold or hot out will make sure they get some exercise every day. Just make sure there’s plenty of padding on the floor so they have a soft place to land.

Color it playful — Bright and fun colors and patterns set the stage for play and give the room its own vibe distinct from the rest of the house.

Wallpaper and rugs sporting bold patterns can be a gateway to geometry and bring life to even the darkest room, if that’s what you have to work with.

Posters and decals can showcase superheroes, characters from cartoons or books, favorite animals, solar systems or imaginary lands and are easy to update as preferences evolve.

Cozy seating — Finding adorably pint-sized chairs is a fun hobby for parents accommodating their kids’ needs for places to read, draw, paint, do puzzles or homework and just relax in between all the playing, learning and being they have to do.

The endless options include tiny stools hiding storage compartments, animal-shaped benches, colorful armchairs, rockers and sofas and mini-me versions of the chic styles found in your living room.

Rooms within a room — Again, there are so many directions you can go to create a sheltered play nook. Teepee-style tents and high canopies are popular ways to create a fort-like enclosure, and a playhouse can be assembled at floor level or built into a loft-style bed for a treehouse effect with added privacy and enjoyment.

If you have the room, you can even add a rope bridge for a lively and active connection between sections of a playroom.

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