Man Cave Survival Depends on These Necessities

by Blake Herzog

A man cave has long been defined as a refuge for husbands, boyfriends, dads, grandpas and other males who find themselves sharing their living quarters with fellow humans who may not share all of their tastes in entertainment, games, décor and hobbies.

This room is generally dedicated to one man and his preferences, who may or may not choose to invite others inside from time to time.

One requirement most men have for their caves is self-sufficiency — they don’t want to leave their sanctuary before they must. A well-rounded floor plan is the key to making this possible.

Here are the basics for assembling your very own luxurious man cave:

Supersized seating — Men are most often bigger than their partners, and they like to flop down on furniture. Find a long, sturdy leather or plush sofa, preferably a sectional, and include a deluxe recliner with massage capabilities so you have at least two routes to ultimate relaxation.

Don’t skimp on the features — cup holders, built-in speakers, USB outlets, built-in pockets and reading lights!

Big screen — Whether it’s used to watch movies or sports and/or gaming, this is likely to be a focal point in the room, so get the largest TV or monitor you have space for with the highest resolution you can afford, or plan for multiples if you tend to multitask with your entertainment.

Remember that this will make you the envy of everyone in your household and your friends, so be kind and share it … at least occasionally.

IRL games — You’ll want to step away from that screen every once in a while so make sure you incorporate some hands-on pastimes into your cavern, whether it’s a dartboard, basketball hoop or another wall-mounted playspace or a card or billiards table.

Many multipurpose tables are on the market today to let you play anything from poker to foosball. It’s also the perfect place to showcase and play on a collection of vintage pinball machines or arcade games.

Libations center — This can take whatever size and shape works for you, whether it’s a beer cooler, liquor cabinet, standard-sized fridge or a full bar, but you’re going to want something to store your drinks and whatever food you can cram in next to them.

The number of guests you intend to invite into your cave will determine how much floorspace you should devote to this, so plan accordingly.

Lighting under control — While the “cave” motif evokes darkness, and many men prefer to keep it that way for TV-watching and gaming, it’s truly not a requirement.

Track lighting controlled by a smartphone app makes setting the mood a breeze, and windows and a sliding door into the backyard would be a dream for many an outdoorsman.

Man’s best friend’s cave — Don’t forget about your loyal pet’s comfort! If you have a four-legged buddy who wants to be wherever you are, spoil them with their own dedicated den!

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