Reflect Your Style with Mirrors

Decorating with mirrors is a perfect way to enhance natural light and make a room appear larger and brighter.

For instance, placing one across from a window echoes the natural light and foliage, essentially bringing the outdoors in. But don’t just hang it anyplace.

To decorate with mirrors, treat them like a piece of art. Unlike a painting though, consider the mirror’s reflection. Position your mirror to reflect a beautiful view, marvelous architecture or brilliant natural light.

Here a few ideas if you’re looking to decorate with mirrors.

  • Position is key. Especially in a small room where you want to increase natural light, place your mirror where the light naturally falls to make the room appear brighter and larger.
  • Add mirrored tiles to a kitchen to brighten the space and add a glamorous touch. These can be on a wall or added to the backsplash to reflect more light and space. They will require extra cleaning, so be aware.
  • Add mirrored furniture such as a sideboard in the dining room, a mirrored headboard in the bedroom or a mirrored desk in an office. Just keep mirrored furniture to a minimum for a clean aesthetic.
  • Choose mirrored accessories for a touch of elegance including a mirrored tray on your coffee table or ottoman or mirrored picture frames on a side table.
  • Double check the mirror’s reflection and ensure it’s eye-catching. Nobody wants to see your clutter in the corner reflected in the mirror over the sofa or fireplace. Instead, strategically place mirrors to reflect your show-stopping chandelier or gallery of artwork.
  • Consider a mirrored wall for high impact. Particularly with a small room, decorating on a large scale with a mirrored wall can make the room feel bigger and brighter. And no, mirrored walls are not outdated. If done right, they are modern and beautiful.
  • With limited space, choose a large floor-standing mirror in a corner to maximize the impact and add light and perceived space.

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