Threads Take Place of Surgical Facelift

by Aymee Wilson, Owner & Founder, Wilson Aesthetics

A PDO thread lift is a treatment that uses PDO (polydioxanone) threads to help rejuvenate your face and remove all the signs of aging.

PDO threads: How long does it last?

This face-lift procedure is very effective as it offers both long-lasting and immediate results.

The initial treatment will support and lift your skin. This factor is an effect that you’ll considerably notice after your treatment. It also works with initiating some long-term results.

In short, it works excellently for long-term therapy treatments that are best for your skin.

Collagen production is one of the main highlights of PDO threads. Results will appear over time.

Once you leave your appointment, the best part is that you can now rest and continue your routine. There’s no need to worry as the results will be better over time. That means you’ll experience excellent and final results when you’re done with the treatment.

Overall, PDO threads vary from person to person. However, most people will enjoy it for about 18 months or longer.

Extending PDO threads result

There might be some added maintenance and treatments that can help you strengthen the results.

Typically, PDO threads work great with some of these added treatments. If you like to feel more youthful and vigorous, this would be the best option. It goes a long way to helping you achieve the greatest and even the most impossible results.

So, to extend your thread lift results, you can always do the following:

  • Wear good sunscreen daily.
  • Quit smoking.
  • Drink a lot of water each day.
  • Eat a healthy diet.
  • Use medical-grade skin care.
  • Follow a routine.
  • Take vitamins and supplements.

Best candidate for the treatment of PDO threads lift

You will want to consider if you are the best candidate for this procedure. Confirming and understanding if the treatment suits you will help you achieve your aesthetic goals. So, determining if you are the best candidate for the treatment will help you move forward in many ways.

At this point, you can consult your provider, and they will examine every area of concern and explain in detail why you are or are not the best candidate for PDO threads.

Overall, good luck with your journey on your PDO thread lifts, and may you get the best skin that you deserve.

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