Your Art Gallery Wall Can Be Anywhere

by Valerie Demetros

If you have a unique art collection, hanging a gallery wall is the perfect way to show it off.

A gallery wall is simply a curated display of framed art, photographs, prints and sculptures creatively arranged on a wall.

The first thing you need to do is determine how much space you have and where to create your gallery. Don’t overlook a bathroom wall, hallway, bedroom or even between bookcases.

The best part is choosing the art.

This reflects your home and personality, so be creative and experiment. Take your time, this doesn’t need to come together in a day. There are no steadfast rules. You can include portraits next to landscapes or a still life next to a wall sculpture.

Play around with frame shapes and textures mixing round, oval and square frames.

If you’re not sure where to start, you can also choose a specific theme.

Create a wall of travel mementos with photos, prints and souvenirs in a shadow box. If you are a beach enthusiast, use painting techniques to liven up the wall as well as photos of palm trees, vacation shots and beach landscapes.

Now that you have your art, it’s time to make sense of it.

Take time to sketch out how you want your gallery to look. Once you have a bit of an idea, place the items on the floor and begin moving them to find a grouping that works. Consider shapes, colors, textures and topics. Evenly space and don’t crowd your art. Try grouping similar items together and be sure and take a photo at this point.

There is one more step before hanging.

Cut brown paper into the shapes of the art. Then take these and place them on the wall with painter’s tape. Feel free to move things around if it doesn’t work. If it helps, step back and look at it as one large piece of art rather than a collection.

Once you are positive of your gallery layout, it’s time to hang your art and enjoy.

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