Cabin Gets Modern Remake

Photo by Austin LaRue Baker

by Earth & Images

After raising a family and recently retiring, the owner of this home enlisted the help of Earth & Images to modernize his 3,200-square-foot dark, dated Flagstaff cabin.

The goal was to update and brighten the interiors with the use of clean, tailored lines. The walls were repainted to a soft white hue and medium-toned hardwood floors were added throughout the home to complement the existing tongue and groove on the ceilings.

A noteworthy space in this three-bedroom, 3.5-bath home is the living room that features a resurfaced stone fireplace and floor-to-ceiling windows showcasing distinctive views of the surrounding golf course.

A striking staircase leading to the guest rooms and office on the second floor was updated with exposed black metal railings to allow for a clear view to the upper level.

The kitchen, outfitted with panel-ready KitchenAid appliances and custom glass-front cabinetry, overlooks the breakfast room where the owners repurposed dining chairs surround a solid white oak table. The home now functions as the gathering grounds for the owner’s family and a sanctuary from the summer heat.

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