Don’t Forget: Your Hands Need Regular Skin Care

When it comes to your skin, you probably already have a daily skin care routine for your face, neck and décolletage.

But are you neglecting your hands? They need more care and attention than the occasional application of hand cream.

The skin on the back of your hands is just as thin as some areas on your face. Meaning your hands are just as fragile and susceptible to signs of aging. A daily hand care routine is vital not only to prevent drying and age spots, but to prevent loss of elasticity.

To build a beneficial hand care routine, start with keeping your hands clean. Wash them throughout the day using a mild, moisturizing soap with water and gently pat dry.

The next step is moisturizing to keep your hands soft and smooth. Gently rub moisturizer into your hands immediately after each washing, if possible, to prevent soap from stripping the natural oils.

Carry a nongreasy hand cream with you, like celeb-favorite Josie Maran’s Whipped Argan Oil Intensive Hand Cream or The Hand Treatment by La Mer.

Even better, deep condition your hands occasionally and remember to protect them with gloves while cleaning to avoid harmful chemicals.

You may remember to use sunscreen on your face, but don’t forget your hands. This is a vital part of any hand care routine because sun exposure can lead to premature signs of ageing and age spots. Apply to the top of your hands each morning and reapply, if possible, followed by hand cream.

And you probably exfoliate in the shower, but you may not include the back of your hands.

Exfoliation is as essential for your hands as the rest of the body, promoting blood circulation and removing dead skin.

Even though experts suggest keeping your nails short for added hygiene, it all comes down to personal preference. Longer nails do tend to hide more germs, but if you like your nails a bit long, just remember to scrub under your nails each day.

Finally, manicures don’t just look good, they are beneficial to your hands.

Whether you hit the salon or treat yourself at home, give your nails the attention they deserve with regular cuticle trimming, filing, moisturizing and a soothing massage. When your hands look good, you’ve got the perfect motivation to maintain a regular hand care routine.

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