Feng Shui Balances Ancient and Modern

We don’t have to follow the precepts of ancient Chinese philosophy to organize our homes, but they do guide us in the same direction as many of today’s interior designers and other space planning experts.

The practice of feng shui’s spatial principles is oriented toward making room for qi, or spiritual energy, to flow into and throughout a structure to ensure balance and create new opportunities for growth by removing physical and mental obstacles.

This falls right in line with much of interior design’s focus on creating flow and functionality within and between rooms. So here are a few things you can do to keep your home contemporary by following ancient wisdom.

Embrace the light

Feng shui values illumination whether it’s from sunlight, candles, fireplaces or modern lighting systems. Maximize natural light by uncovering and regularly cleaning all windows — mirrors can magnify light but make sure they don’t reflect anything on the outside you find unpleasant.

Keep your entryway in particular bright and inviting as your front door symbolizes the pathway for energy to enter your home and your life, as well as affecting your mood as you move into or out of your sanctuary.

Eliminate clutter

Disorganization is the enemy of good design and your stray books, papers, toys and devices are symptoms of it, even if you know where to find them.

Anything you’re not currently using should be secured in its assigned place so it won’t interfere with the dynamic route that energy takes through your home, whether you’re looking at it from the perspective of qi or the mental effort of looking around it and wondering why you haven’t put it away yet.

Plants bring vitality

Live plants are highly valued in feng shui as continuous sources of life energy and are embedded in many current design trends that strive to bring natural elements indoors.

You can never have too many plants at home, but don’t bring more in than you’re able to place in the right conditions and care for; a dead plant will suck vitality out of a room.

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