Location Isn’t Everything

by Gary Nelson, Realty Executives of Flagstaff

What’s the most important thing when it comes to real estate? Location, location, location as they say.

When it comes to the location of that perfect home you have always dreamed of, make sure there aren’t any challenges you didn’t expect. Make sure the area and the amenities will stay the way you expect them to.

Here are a few desirable locations that may have some great perks as long as you keep in mind the potential challenges.

National forest lands

Backing national forest is quite important to many people. Having your own great views and potential access to forest would make anyone happy.

Keep in mind that in remote areas, some utilities may not be available. Also, make sure your property is Fire Wise and can handle what Mother Nature might throw your way.

Bordering national forest in the intermountain west is like beachfront in the coastal areas; you will have to pay accordingly for those views and trees.

Golf course property

Spectacular views and meticulously cared for greens could be what you experience from your patio, deck or windows. Quick access to the greens, club amenities and activities can also provide a wonderful lifestyle.

Many people enjoy the social aspect of golf course living as well, with golfers enjoying a great game on a wonderful day. Whether on a public course or inside one of Northern Arizona’s gated and private communities, golf course living has tremendous benefits.

State forests and lands

Sometimes state trust lands are just as spectacular as national forest lands, but be prepared that this location may be temporary. In Arizona, trust lands can be sold with the proceeds going toward public school construction.

Although national forest lands may be traded, that would be very rare. State lands, however, are temporary, and some of the largest developments in the state were previously trust lands.

Undeveloped land

Keep in mind that undeveloped land may be developed in the future.

You may want to negotiate a building envelope with the owner of an adjacent lot or negotiate a view corridor to maintain that view you want. Many subdivisions have building envelopes built into the CC and Rs or plat maps of the development.

But a negotiated view corridor or negotiated height restriction may go a long way toward preserving that wonderful Northern Arizona view you always wanted.

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