Men Can Step Out with Confidence in These Shoes

Guys, you have it easy when it comes to footwear. Many basic styles have been around for decades if not centuries, so keeping a select assortment in your closet will keep you appropriately shod for any occasion and impress the ladies (and many dudes) with your sophisticated, dependable taste.


These are the most classic of the classics and have had many years to develop the versatility they offer to you today. They can carry you to the office and smart-casual environments all the way up to the formality of high-powered business occasions and most black-tie events.

A pair of shiny black oxfords works with any dark pants (including jeans) and suits in these settings while a brown or tan pair can travel with chinos, khakis or any other full-length trousers.

Dressy sneakers

This phrase sounds like an oxymoron to some, but it’s entirely reasonable to keep a pair of trainers or running shoes away from your workouts for casual occasions where a neat, clean appearance is still desirable.

Start with a classic white pair from Nike or the other top labels that’s as comfortable and stylish as you can get for shopping trips and any other activity that has you on your feet most of the time.


Loafers fall a little closer to oxfords than sneakers on the formality spectrum but are spectacularly versatile, wearing as well with suits as weathered jeans and a T-shirt. They’re the perfect summer shoes when you want to dial your look up a little bit without going overboard.

They come in all colors and materials, but a timeless dark brown pair will never steer you wrong.

Dress boots

Dozens of styles fall under this category, making it easy for you to find one that will be as much of an all-star in cooler months as loafers are in the warmer ones.

Whether they’re wingtips, Chelsea boots, derby boots, chukkas, brogues or even cowboy boots, these shoes have slimmer silhouettes and more refined detailing that allow you to cruise into just about any surroundings.

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