Outdoor Kitchens Help the Host while Enchanting Guests

by Chris Darnell, ZebraScapes Landscaping

The pinnacle of luxury in an outdoor space is offering the same amenities one would normally expect indoors. Fire pits replace the warmth of a fireplace, and surrounding seating offers the comforts of a living room.

However, for those reading this issue looking for a taste of luxury, there is no better place to acquire it than with an outdoor kitchen. Both figuratively, and literally, an outdoor kitchen brings exotic tastes and premier hosting capability right to your backyard.

Perhaps there is the consideration of what to add next.

Imagine a luxury backyard that already possesses an expansive patio, a pool and beautiful garden. It can be hard to see the value in simply adding aesthetic installations. Instead, adding a functional outdoor living amenity like an outdoor kitchen is the way to go.

Rather than trying to host outdoors while running inside to check the meat thermometer, you can keep both activities in the same location.

Additionally, outdoor kitchens have become a sought after and trendy amenity for potential homebuyers. They are sure to shoot up the property value, while being an easy sell at an open house.

These kitchens can be customized with all of the desired features, whether that be a full service kitchen or just the essentials. Think about the endless possibilities: fridge, beverage cart, ice machine, cabinets, wine cooler, pizza oven, grill or even a smoker. Even this short list undersells the available options.

Beyond the convenience provided by an outdoor kitchen from the perspective of a host or property seller, cooking outside is superior. No more worrying about lingering smells or setting off the smoke alarms. The result of cooking will be a delicious meal and an easily cleaned space.

Not to mention the happy guests keen on their next visit. Maybe it is the family that was over for the holidays, brought closer together with a night spent in a luxury outdoor living space. Cook a meal with the siblings, and taste test it with Dad. Keep the family recipes in the family, for the family, with an outdoor kitchen for your luxury backyard.

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