Right Glass Gives your Wine a Chance to Shine

You took the time to carefully choose the right wines, and you store them correctly. To round out the experience, make sure you use the right glass.

Of course, you could drink out of anything — wine glass, coffee mug or straight from the bottle. But then, you wouldn’t experience your wine to its best advantage. Let’s take a look at the glasses you need and what to do with them.


Universal wine glasses are all-purpose chameleons for red, white and rosé with a bowl and opening that are not too big or small. They’re excellent options if you want to keep things simple. There are glasses designed specifically for rosé, but a universal glass works just as well.

Red wine

A red-wine glass has a wider bowl and larger opening, which allows for better aeration of tannin-rich wines like cabernet sauvignon and Bordeaux.

White wine

Look for a smaller bowl and opening and a long stem to keep wines like sauvignon blanc cool. Also they better deliver aromas. However, with a full-bodied white wine, you’ll want a larger bowl.

Specialty wines

If you’re a port enthusiast, choose a small glass with a narrow mouth to reduce evaporation. And don’t forget your Champagne flute, whose shape keeps your bubbles intact.

Of course, there are plenty more specialty wines and glasses, but you get the picture. The glass does make a difference.

Crystal or glass?

Crystal glasses are durable because crystal contains traces of minerals like magnesium or zinc. However, since it’s porous it can corrode in the dishwasher.

On the other hand, glass won’t corrode, but it will break. So go with crystal for durability and hand washing or go with glass for the ease of the dishwasher but expect occasional breakage.

Swirling in your glass?

If you can’t decant, a brief swirl exposes your wine to oxygen, and a quick swirl before your first sip releases different aromas that won’t appear otherwise.

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