Sumptuous Touches Create your Own Luxury Hotel Bedroom

Many of us love spending nights at upscale hotels and resorts for the perfectly firm-yet-soft mattress, the freshly washed zillion-thread sheets, the heavenly comforter, the thoughtful décor, the perfectly calibrated lighting, the extra touches like fresh flowers or a carafe of water on the nightstand.

It’s just so much more relaxing than home.

There’s no reason you can’t drift off in that blissful setting every night after investing a little of your thoughts and funds.

Splurge on your mattress

Your memory of your hotel room is directly related to the comfort of the mattress, so spend enough time and money to find one that’s going to please you and anyone you share the bed with.

Start with such quality companies as Saatva, Nectar and Helix and figure out whether you’re most comfortable on innersprings, foam or a hybrid construction. Or, you could cut to the chase and order one directly from Ritz-Carlton, Westin, Kimpton or wherever you had your last best night’s sleep.

Choose sheets by touch

Regardless of the thread-count joke we just made it shouldn’t be your only criteria when you’re shopping for sheets. Higher thread counts indicate material that’s denser and more durable, but touch a sample of the sheet if at all possible to ensure that it feels right to you.

Crisp percale offers more breathability and natural comfort while sateen is adored for its silky-soft feel, slight sheen and wrinkle resistance.

If you’re ordering them without sampling them first, you can’t go wrong with iconic Italian labels like Sferra, Frette and Mascioni.

Keep lighting under control

Indirect lighting from lamps with soft fabric shades or those requisite bedside wall sconces will give you the soft, moody lighting that’s conducive to sleep and other nighttime activities.

Ideally this is all you’ll need as many sleep scientists recommend doing anything that requires more exertion away from the bedroom. If you do need stronger lighting, rely as much as you can on natural light and install a dimmable ceiling light fixture so you can dial it down as soon as you need to.

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