Wine Storage & Transport for the Collector

Whether you are just beginning your wine collection, or are a seasoned pro with an in-house wine cellar, eventually you are going to start running out of space. Now what?

You could start drinking more, or you could find off-site storage. Some self-storage facilities have a dedicated area for wine storage with temperature-controlled environments and that may be all you need.

But for a true connoisseur, you may want to look into a dedicated wine-storage facility.

The best scenario is to store 200 or so bottles at home to drink in the next year. These are wines that do not necessarily need to age. Store the rest offsite.

Off-site storage facilities are built specifically to house your wine, keeping a consistent 50 to 55 degrees and 60% to 70% humidity, perfect for aging wines gracefully. With back-up power, you can be assured a power outage will not put your collection at risk, as it would at home.

For a planned delivery, the ease of off-site storage helps when they transport your wine to you or the facility.

Vinum 55, with locations in Scottsdale, Paradise Valley and Texas, transports deliveries using consistent temperatures, real-time updates, CellarTracking software for cataloging and unpacking services by trained professionals.

Maybe a visit every few months to the facility is all you need to view and stock up. Or having the wine bottles close by may be a necessity. Just being able to sip a glass while admiring your collection may be enough to put you off the idea of storing off site. Only you can decide.

The Vault Wine Storage, with several locations in Arizona, offers 24-hour access, seven days a week for members, as well as 24-hour security. And although most facilities are fully insured, it is always best to have your own insurance, just as you would for anything else.

For collectors aging wine for years, off-site storage also offers peace of mind that your wine is properly stored while avoiding the temptation to pop a cork before its time.

Keeping wine off-site also ensures you are using your space to the best advantage.

Installing a large wine-storage cabinet can be costly and may not mean a return when selling your house, unless you can find another oenophile. Otherwise, it will just be a costly job to remove it by the next buyer.

Of course, planning ahead becomes a priority while storing your collection off site. Grabbing a bottle on a whim is so much easier when it’s right there rather than driving, especially if the facility is quite far.

And the expense can add up. Depending on how much wine is at home, and how much is off site, the cost may even out after factoring in the bump in electricity. The cost of facilities varies but generally, passive storage will cost less than facilities that promote a social element.

Pop a cork and think it over.

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