Wreck Everybody’s Golf Game with Luxury Cart

Golf is perhaps the most upscale sport there is, yet the experience often leaves a lot to be desired. Traveling from tee to tee means schlepping your bag across a sea of green or trying to maneuver a top-heavy golf cart with no shock absorption and an earsplitting backup alarm.

Consider how much more opulent an occasion it would be driving your own vehicle, one that actually warrants being called a “car.”

Take a look at these beauties, which in some cases may distract your opponents and give you the upper hand!

Garia SuperSport—MSRP $73,000

The sexiest 2-seater you’ll find anywhere, you’ll be taking this siren throughout your neighborhood and onto the links with its Mercedes-inspired interior dazzling everyone because it’s not hidden behind any doors or tinted windows.

It’s got a refrigerator built into the dashboard, 10-inch touchscreen with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capability, speakers in the roof and seats, Golf and Street drive modes, a battery range of up to 50 miles, a reverse camera and a payload of 770 pounds.

The sleek look and understated elegance will wow people in every setting, but it doesn’t forget its roots — a golf scorecard function is integrated into the touchscreen.

Tomberlin E-Merge SS Saloon—MSRP $31,050

Available with two, four or six seats, the six-seat version is perfect for bringing the family with you on the links or barhopping between your neighbor’s homes.

With a Jeep-styled front grill, premium SS steering wheel, pedestrian warning system and the option to get the industry’s largest standard lithium battery that gets up to 80 miles per charge, you’ll be ready to roll through any situation with this heavy hitter.

Vintage by Streetrod—approx. $25,000

For pure style you should check out this company’s knockout vintage-inspired topless roadsters, convertibles and hardtops. These endlessly customizable vehicles can come out looking like just about any old-time beauty you’ve had or longed for in the past.

The eye-popping colors and styling crafted by artisans cover a solid electric or gas motor with LED speedometer and fun details like oak side racks and “ooga” horns. Everyone will have as much fun looking at one of these as you have driving it.

The Golf Cart Hovercraft—MSRP $58,000

Bubba Watson debuted what turned out not to be an April Fool’s gag 10 years ago — an amphibious vehicle that can glide over water hazards and sand traps as easily as turf.

It’s still available today from Hammacher Schlemmer and has a twin-cylinder Hirth engine and 9-blade axial flow fan that can raise it up to 9 inches off whatever kind of surface it’s on and travel up to 45 mph.

The hull meets the Coast Guard’s hovercraft standard.

It comfortably seats four and leaves room for two golf bags in the back and comes with a hauling trailer. It may not have the postmodern conveniences as the SuperSport, but you’ll be a new contender for the title of “greatest show on grass.”

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