Be ‘Smart’ when Watering

by Chris Darnell, ZebraScapes Landscaping

The general-use case of technology is to make more efficient what would otherwise be a longer, more painstaking process. This has rang true through time from the wheel to the printing press.

Even today, the advent of modern computer systems has advanced innovation to unprecedented levels. These technologies are trickling down from just those with money to anyone with a home or in this case a landscape.

It is no secret that turf requires nutrients to survive. Just like any other piece of plant material, all of the essentials are required: sunlight, soil and perhaps most importantly water.

In an ideal world, rainfall is the primary source of water for turf, but drought conditions are never far away in the Southwest. For those properties with large lawns, watering by hand can be a hassle.

Luckily the solution is not far away.

Smart irrigation systems are all the rage in 2023. Instead of having to wake up at a particular time or keep track of local guidelines, a smart irrigation system relies on automation and active gathering of weather data to optimize the amount of water dispersed to the landscape.

The system itself can even be operated through Bluetooth on a smartphone. These systems can be tailored to suit the needs of a specific property and generally result in less water use overall.

Yes, that is right. Smart irrigation systems are able to correct for overwatering that most landscapers do not even realize is happening. This can be the result of improper coverage, where driveways and walkways are being watered, or watering on top of rainfall.

To be more sustainable, and participate in water conservation practices, a smart irrigation system is the way to go.

All of the required settings can be input at the time of installation, keeping the mind of the customer stress free for the foreseeable future. Controlling the system from anywhere, an impending storm can be accounted for while on vacation.

With smart irrigation falling in the category of home technology, the advantage of conserving resources while dropping the water bill and saving valuable time is clear as day.

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