Bring High-Tech into your Backyard

If you spend a lot of time in your backyard like most people in Northern Arizona, then you want it to have more than just a seating area and television.

For those who want to elevate their outdoor home experience, the possibilities are endless. Here are just a few:


Standing in the shower in a cloud of steam may not be your idea of a home spa. A better option is to add an outdoor sauna.

Out of the Valley applies its sleek cabin aesthetic to the design of its outdoor saunas. These custom spas, inspired by their Nomad Cabin, deliver the benefits of bathing in nature to your backyard. Each shed-like unit includes a large window wall to bring in the surrounding landscape. With five base models to choose from, you can customize with wood or electric heat, timber paneling, exterior color and even an outdoor shower or cold-plunge pool.

The sauna is delivered and assembled. Prices start at $28,000.

Pizza oven

Although some outdoor pizza ovens are just for pizza, the Gozney Dome serves as a grill, pizza oven, Kamado grill and smoker. It uses gas and wood and features a stone puck system that easily transitions between both.

A fire basket and wood-placement tool clarify the fire-building process and air-intake technology allows you to easily control the heat output. The stone floor retains heat to help stabilize the temperature, and the built-in digital thermometer cooks food to perfection.

The Dome is a huge step-up for home pizza ovens to step up your backyard creations. $1,499

High-temp grill for the perfect steak

If you’re looking to get the perfect restaurant-quality sear and results at home, the Beefer High-Temperature Grill may be the answer. This gas-powered grill can hit temps of 1,500º F to sear and caramelize that steak while the top-mounted ceramic burner allows you to collect the drippings for sauces.

Even better, it is easy to disassemble for the dishwasher. Handcrafted in Germany and available in two sizes. Prices start at $900.

Robotic lawn mower

To help you relax aesthetically and physically, consider a robot mower to get that lawn looking clipped all while using your smartphone.

While it takes a few configuration steps, you basically plug in the dock and use your phone to check charging status and remote control navigation. Prices start around $699.

Star Wars Battle Drones

You probably spent some of your youth playing with Star Wars figurines and playsets. With these new Star Wars Battle Drones, you can finally watch these spaceships soar across the sky at speeds up to 37 mph.

Available in the Endor Speeder Bike, an X-Wing and the TIE Advanced X1, each quadcopter is hand painted to model quality and has lasers and sensors so you can engage in galactic warfare right in your backyard.

They are shipped in display boxes worthy of your shelf and are individually numbered for collectability. Prices start at $200.

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