Keep your Salon Blowout Going Strong

You may never feel as good about your hair as when you’re walking out of the salon after a professional gives you the high-volume locks you’ve been longing for with a luxurious blowout.

You’ll want to prolong the look at least through the five days many experts say is the outer range of what you can expect. These are some of the tips they give for making that happen.

Don’t put anything on it during Day 1.

Your hair’s already as clean and beautiful as it’ll ever be and any products you apply will just weigh it down, the last thing you want when you’re reveling in its bigness. It’s good practice to touch it as little as possible throughout the week to avoid one source of grease and dirt.

Put in a loose bun before bed; sleep on a silk or satin pillowcase.

With emphasis on the loose. Tight buns and ponytails will add all kinds of bends and creases that will throw off the style you’re trying to preserve, so think: the messier the better. And those smooth pillowcases are stellar for calming frizz and can dial back your sleep wrinkles in the process.

Shower with a snug cap lined with terrycloth.

You are going to need to keep your hair as dry as possible to keep the look going, so be prepared with a shower cap that’ll actually protect it from moisture. So make sure it fits snugly or has a secure elastic base.

Those lined with terrycloth, satin or cotton build an extra-strong fortress around your hair.

Do sweat the sweat.

This is the most insidious kind of moisture you need to worry about. Some suggest avoiding cardio workouts if you’re dead-set on your hair staying high and dry, but wearing a secure, moisture-wicking headband across your hairline may be a healthier alternative.

As the weather starts to heat up you may want to limit your time outside, especially on the first day, and keep your bedroom colder at night.

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