Moody Colors add Depth & Intimacy to Rooms

So much of interior design embraces natural and artificial light, pale neutral shades and other tricks to make a room appear “airy.” But what if you’re looking for depth? Using darker colors that can give a space either modern or vintage overtones, depending on how you use them.

Darker colors tend to be associated with dreariness, and many homeowners and designers avoid them at all costs. But the right hues in the right context provide a warm and enveloping backdrop, transporting you and anyone you’re with to an exclusive plane.

Play with darkness in light

Sun-drenched rooms are often the best place to start introducing richer, deeper shades.

A sunny room can start feeling too bright if the walls, floors and furniture are all drenched in sandy or pastel colors that reflect a glare. This is where you can try some chocolate browns, hunter greens, navy blues, violets, deep grays and dark wood grains, highlighting the nuances and secrets they hold.

Add drama with high contrast

When you’re wanting to inject some dramatically dark colors into a room but need balance, an excellent way to go about it is to put dark furniture and accessories in front of white or light walls or vice versa.

If you’re thinking you may want to transition back, it might be easier to start out with a darker wall that can be repainted than dark furniture that would need to be reupholstered or replaced.

Let your jewel tones shine

If you’re really happy with how your darker-toned room feels and want to introduce some brighter tones without disrupting the vibe, invest in emerald, ruby, sapphire, amethyst and citrine furnishings to add a punch of vitality to the surroundings.

Sofas, chairs and other seating are a natural choice, but you can sometimes get even more pizzaz with rugs, drapes, pillows, cushions and textiles.

Update floors and cabinets

When your old ones start to wear out it’s a golden opportunity to bring a new level of sophistication to a room. Dark, glossy surfaces will reflect light from white walls and ceilings and renew any home’s style — no paint job required!

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