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Robots: Don’t Have a Home Without One

by Christia Gibbons

There already are robots that can sense your mood and uplift it (a 24/7 BFF), can answer your questions (a teacher), will alert you to what needs done around the house and see that it gets done (a housekeeper and/or mother). And there are robots that can dance, play music and recommend online games; others directed at children to entertain, share secrets, teach, keep company; and there are those that could serve as a kind of home office partner with information, cameras and video at the ready to help you shine.

Elon Musk says some will be in humanoid form by 2050. Also in the works by 2050, robot chefs to prepare your food, cook it, and with 3D printers get it to you eat sooner than a human could hop in their driverless car and deliver it. Joining the robots in your 2050 home will be self- decorating rooms — contact lenses to create images onto your retina so you can change how your bedroom, well any room, appears. In the works are bed fabrics capable of changing colors, patterns and texture through smart yarns.

You just might be able to program your dreams by choosing what you want to appear in your head while you sleep. Software has been developed that teaches robots how to learn new tasks by observing humans, and they have learned to open cabinets and remove trash bags. Although, there might be some dodging needed on the part of humans navigating around such robotic arms in the kitchen. 

Dyson is developing robots that can sort dishes and vacuum your couch. Samsung is imaging robotic butlers gliding from room to room to pick up towels and pour glasses of wine. While not all these robot wonders are for purchase yet, they seem to be inevitable. One wonders: Will they want their own room?

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