Tech can Revolutionize your Wine Collection

by Blake Herzog

The wine industry is evolving and adapting technology to make it easier to select, store and track wine across the globe and within individual cellars.

Dedicated oenophiles are leveraging this progress to shop for and collect bottles that will maximize their investment experientially and financially.

The hunt

It’s easier than ever to find out about wine. Wine clubs are online and send members a selection of new varieties monthly, while platforms like Vivino (, Google Play, App Store), Pix ( and sustainability-minded Vivant ( provide reviews and pairing tips while constructing a taste profile based on prior purchases.

Winemakers are exploring the possibilities of augmented and virtual reality (AR and VR) for attracting and engaging buyers. More are using AR to animate scenes, educate buyers and otherwise bring the environment that created the product to life.

Vivant is one platform getting ready to move into the metaverse where users could conceivably visit wine regions on another continent and interact with others as they drink wine.

The collection

Once you begin amassing bottles to serve yourself, your family, friends and associates, you’ll take on a new set of responsibilities for maintaining your collection’s quality and value, opening up concerns about temperature and humidity.

Whether your cellar is a standalone cooler or an enclosed room, climate control apps allow you to keep an eye on its contents from wherever you are at home or globally, with customizable alarms to let you know when things are out of whack. Fifty-five degrees Fahrenheit is most commonly cited as the ideal temperature, but perfectionists may want to have different chambers for different categories.

Inventory apps let you scan bottles and input information, in some cases (including CellarTracker) with add-ons like amateur and expert reviews and forums for users to connect over shared interests.

Those collecting wine as an investment as well as for consumption get some of the most advanced software, including apps that can track how many bottles of a certain vintage have been produced and consumed and how it drives up the value of your unopened one.

Access codes can restrict entry to your collection, and surveillance cameras provide added security as well as show you which bottles you still have in your possession.

Sensor-based LED lights are perfect for displaying wine and can be programmed to highlight different sections based on the day or time.

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