Catch up on Swimming Pool Trends

While considering new construction or upgrading your pool, it’s crucial that you keep your design relevant and on-trend. Otherwise, you’re left with a significant investment that looks and feels outdated.

If you’re seeking a bit of inspiration, let’s look at a few exciting trends in pool designs to get you started.

Pool Automation

Swimming pool technologies have advanced to full automation, meaning pool owners can control their pool’s features remotely. All you need is a smart device on a network.

Emerging technologies even allow owners to ask their virtual assistants to turn on spa jets or dim the pool lights.

Color Breakthroughs

Your pool’s water looks blue because it absorbs most other colors. But why limit yourself to blue? Consider statement shades like green, or how about black for a more cutting-edge look and feel?

A pool with a dark color may also increase your pool’s energy efficiency. The darker the color, the more heat it will absorb from the sun, which helps raise the temperature naturally.

Fire and Water

Fire and water features bring a dramatic effect to pools, making them a great choice for pool design.

If you want, you can run both features at the same time for a dramatic effect. Fire adds a sense of warmth and comfort, as well as a modern look.

Water Features

Water features are becoming more modern and are not just about spillovers and small waterfalls anymore. If you want to make a statement, think about a series of cascades, a multitier spillover with a moat or waterways winding through natural stone and vegetation.

What about a hidden grotto surrounded by waterfalls and flowing water?

Infinity and Beyond

Infinity pools are not new, but they are more popular than ever. Multitier infinity pools are all the rage and looking better than ever.

If you’re considering an infinity pool, think about a swim-up bar for added style.

Tanning Ledge

Sometimes called a Baja shelf, it’s basically a shallow ledge, usually just a few inches deep, where you can lounge, sip a cocktail and soak up the sun. These ledges work great with submerged furniture and work perfectly as a spot for kids to play.

Chlorine vs Saltwater

Saltwater has been trending for years and continues to gain ground. Although the conversion may seem expensive at first, over time the cost of chemicals can add up and you no longer need them.

It’s also much gentler than chlorine on your skin, swimwear and especially your hair.

While incorporating modern ideas into your new or remodeled pool area, remember to think about its usability, your home’s resale value and the best look for you.

It’s an investment and an important part of your landscape and family’s use. Consider not just the pool but surrounding features like lighting, sound systems and landscaping to pull it all together.

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