Create Timeless Décor with Confidence

When moving into a new home or giving one you’ve been in for a while a makeover, you may have qualms about replacing furniture. What you have might already look dated, but who’s to say your next purchases won’t be within a year or five or 10?

Interior decorating trends evolve less quickly than tech or fashion, but given how much it costs to purchase high-quality furnishings you’d like to know they won’t be cringe-inducing for at least a decade.

A few smart choices can inoculate you against this possibility if you choose furniture and other décor with timeless and classic elements:

Neutral colors

When you make whites, grays, beiges and other neutral colors the basis of your décor they allow a space to shine without dominating it. They’re also a marvelous backdrop for more vibrant accents to bring contrast and drama to your décor.

High-quality furniture

Investing in well-made pieces makes sense on so many levels — they retain their look and functionality for much longer, and because they’re built to last beyond a handful of years they generally eschew the trendiest designs in the industry.

Organic materials

Materials found in nature have been used since humans first began furnishing their homes because of their strength, practicality and level of craftsmanship.

The warmth they bring to the room is found in wood or rattan furniture, stone fireplaces and marble countertops, and also in smaller touches including clay pottery and natural fiber rugs.

Minimized technology

Given how quickly technology is shifting these days, it’s a good idea to keep screens, computers and multimedia systems in the background when you’re designing a room.

There are many options these days for disguising a TV whether it’s hidden in a cabinet or mounted on the wall. Another option is to keep most of it in a multimedia room intended for family use.


The human eye appreciates symmetry, so strive to create balance in every room through placement of furniture and accessories alike.

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