Give Your Patio a Fresh Look

We are spending more and more time outside since this is the weather we crave. But if you’re spending more time outside, take a hard look at your patio.

If you haven’t done much in a few years, it just might need a bit of brightening and sprucing up. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Add Some Color

A fresh splash of color can do wonders for a tired space. You may want to paint a wall with a pop of color, like orange or yellow. If you have a few basic tables, perhaps they could do with a change of color, or perhaps new bright versions.

Add a Fire Pit

That cozy, inviting glow entices everyone outdoors, and before long you’ll wonder why you never had one before. Think fun cocktail hour. And, you’ll notice how guests seem to gravitate to the fire pit after a dinner. Add a comfy sofa to make it more inviting.

Paint Furniture, Pots

Don’t forget about your furniture or even your garden planter when thinking about adding color. A fresh color will instantly breathe new life into a space.

Add a Bar

Bringing a bar into your garden is never a bad idea, especially if you love to host guests alfresco.

Find one that fits your landscape and patio style and pop a few stools around it. Let the party begin.

Add Outdoor Kitchen

Consider a small kitchen for quick dinners or go all out and add a full kitchen with pizza oven and smoker.

Whatever your entertaining and cooking style, adding a kitchen will bring the party outside in a beautiful way.

Additional ideas include a good power washing to the patio to brighten it up; eliminating weeds and making minor repairs; planting bright fresh flowers in pots to add a freshness to the patio; and finally, adding shade sails for a modern look or even a few bright umbrellas for color and much-needed shade.

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