Let Light Shine on your Outside Surroundings

Designed to improve the functionality and the beauty of your home, exterior lighting should be an integral part of a residential landscape.

From wall lights to spotlights, outdoor fixtures can accentuate your living space and create safe and beautiful passages around it.

Illuminated Pathways

These add a touch of elegance and beauty and create a sense of safety and security on your garden walkways. The lights can be placed on the pathway edges or embedded into the ground.

By installing these lights on the floor of paving stones, you get an upward directional light that offers an elevated appearance with a minimalist design providing a diffused and sophisticated effect.


Focus spotlights light on features that are a different height and texture, and you’ll create dimension to your yard. Be creative, these lights can be installed on the ground and on a wall.

Wall Lights

Outdoor wall lights add style to your home’s exterior. Lights placed along the walls of a home can draw attention to areas like doorways and architectural features and provide added security by illuminating dark areas.

Color-Changing Lights

These lights add a party-like feel. You can customize them with colors to match the holidays or even a sports team. They are perfect for outdoor entertainment and create a romantic evening or a lively celebration.

String Lights

These have been around for a few years but are perfect for adding a comfortable and inviting touch to your outdoor area.

String lights are an excellent way to showcase your landscape’s beauty, whether on a patio or wrapped around trees.

Wi-Fi and Smart Lights

Now you can manage your outdoor lighting from anywhere and control the brightness of each light and even create different lighting scenes. Smart security lighting adds safety and security.

The lights come with motion sensors, programmable lighting features and remote controls using mobile apps or voice commands.

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