Needle-Free ‘Hair Botox’ Revitalizes your Locks

“Hair Botox” is an eye-catching marketing term for deep-conditioning treatments that can be applied by salon professionals or at home. The good news is that there are absolutely no needles involved, and they earned that nickname by smoothing out and softening hair with “fillers” like collagen, not to mention giving at least some recipients the same shot of confidence that others report from Botox itself. There are a few which even come with a fake “syringe” applicator, but it’s just for show.

That said, there’s no patented hair Botox formula, so there’s a lot of variety in the ingredients of both salon and consumer products being promoted with that name, so it’s difficult to say exactly how anyone’s hair will respond to one of these treatments. What most have in common are ingredients that moisturize and strengthen hair, including caviar oil, vitamins E and B5, antioxidants and collagen complex.

They can also include keratin, but hair Botox is not the same thing as a keratin treatment, which uses formaldehyde or other chemicals to semi-permanently control frizz, straighten hair and add shine. It can be a good alternative for those looking for some of the same benefits without risking the damage that can be associated with harsher chemicals.

DIY or Salon?

Hair Botox treatments are available for consumers to use at home, but they’re relatively pricey and don’t come with the same assurances you can get from a trusted professional at a salon in terms of the quality of the ingredients and what you can expect from them. Since there is no standard “recipe,” your hairstylist can customize the formula to your needs and desires.

What’s in it for my hair?

Users report their hair is bouncier and has more volume, frizz and split ends are minimized and shine is maximized. These results are especially noticeable on very fine, limp hair that has lost its luster. The nourishing ingredients may help fight thinning hair, dullness, graying and other signs of aging, though the overall impact varies from case to case. In some cases it may have a straightening effect, though it’s not going to last as long as with a keratin treatment.

Does it work for all hair types?

As long as they’re from a reputable company, these treatments should not contain any chemicals or harmful ingredients and they are not applied with any hair-damaging heated implements, so they’re considered to be safe and effective for all hair types.

How long does it last?

Again, this varies because there’s no fixed formula, but most salons estimate you’ll be loving your hair for two to four months before you’ll start thinking about going in for another shot. Many professionals recommend not washing your hair for three days afterward and then using a sulfite-free or low-sulfite shampoo.

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